Computer Programming I

Computer Programming I

September 4, 2012

After writing about the content of Computer Programming III and writing the assumptions for that, I had a friend take a look. The most obvious problem was that I didn't define part I and II. So the following is what I would use as a syllabus for Computer Programming I.


Please NOTE: The associated web pages with Computer Programming I are for absolute beginners. The key audience for these pages are people who want to start programming. Although some of the post may be relevant for non-beginners, please be patient when reading. As always if you find any errors, please do point them out via email or in the comments.



Going back to My first assumptions, the following assumptions still hold true.

Assumption #0: You can read and write.

Assumption #3: You have Internet access.

Assumption #4: MATH.

Assumption #5: Hardware & Software.


The main purpose of Computer Programming I is to peak your interest. By the end of the first programming class you should be at a point where Assumption #2: You want to know more is a constant. You will learn about what programming can do and what are the limitations. That being said, you will not get to a point where you need a super fast computer, or run out of memory. You might get the computer to freeze, but not because of computation. Before I get to the syllabus and the specific topics, the following are the topics in no particular order.

Topic #0: Basic Building Blocks. This is the most fundamental programming. types, conditionals, program flow, basic proof, etc. This is will give you all the tools to start writting programming.

Topic #1: Functions. I can not explain how important this part is. Ask any programmer in any language. Functions will become the biggest tool in you arsenal.

Topic #2: Object Oriented Programming.  An introduction to OOP concepts and basic maneuvering.


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