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Why the Apple Watch isn't all that Exciting to me

April 21, 2015

A couple of years ago I read a post claiming that if Apple made a toilet bowl and sold it for a ridicules price, people will line up for it. Well, Apple isn’t quite at the plumbing department as of yet, but they are a little high on power. Lets all be clear, Apple is a very successful large corporation and they dictate how the market looks these days. They have the means, a big marketing department and a huge fan base. Before 2007, the idea of a smartphone was still in the womb. Tablets weren’t popularized until the iPad came along. Now we see apple getting into the wearable computers. They will move it forward no doubt, but I am not really all that excited. We have had smart watches and similar products for a while. So this one has an apple on it and comes with the brand name. And?

File:Apple Watch Sport.jpg

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad, he didn’t claim it will replace computers. He introduced a device that ultimately changed they way we view the web and collect data in the filed. The desktop is still the only way to enter in a large amount of data. The Apple watch is going to be a great tool to collect data on the go. It will be a notification and passive data collection tool, nothing more. For those of you that remember, it will be similar to Dick Tracy’s watch more that Inspectors Gadget’s hat. It will not be a mini iPhone or iPod, but it will have its place among your Apple devices arsenal.


Personally, I wish Apple didn’t get into the watch business. I get it. This is the new trend and they have to stay current. However, I really wish they stayed as an innovative company. Making new products to solve problems that we didn’t even know we had. Eventually I will come around to get myself to the Apple store and see the Apple watch in person, but it is not very high on my agenda. If I end up getting one I would get a used one after the next generation comes out. Then again, who knows? Maybe I will win one as a door prize one day. All I am saying is I am not rushing into it. Especially not with the current price tag. There are a lot more things I would rather do with $500. Like go on vacation.

What do you think?