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Computer Programming III

Tentative Syllabus for Computer Programming III

August 30, 2012

I was never a man to stick to schedules. It's not that I like to be late, or don't want to be on time. I just never am. Something always comes up in my life. That's why the following list is tentative and subject to change at any moment without prior notice. If it has been longer than a week and you want to move ahead please remind me to make a new post or share links that cover the topics.

Topics to be covered:

  • Generics
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Link Lists
  • Binary Trees
  • Multiway Trees
  • Hash
  • Sorting
  • Search Algorithms
  • Randomize Algorithms
  • Computing Complexity
  • Graphs
  • Intro to machine instructions
  • Intro to Multi Thread

Other topics, sub-topics and dates are soon to come.

Computer Programming III

Computer Programming III

August 30, 2012

Please read my assumptions post prior to this post.

After learning the basics of programming and maybe even Object Oriented Programming (OOP) the natural continuation of is data structure and algorithms. Many universities have different names, but most of them teach data structures as the third semester computer science majors. I think that after about a year within the program you really need to learn to expend. In order to achieve this you will need the terminology. You need the understating of link lists and trees, stacks and queues and so on. You also need to understand how to read and implement algorithms. With time, you will find I have a very different thinking method, and a strong opinion on the state of education. Not only in the United States, but world wide as well.

Post that will be filled under this will be divided into sub categories. There are 3 major topics that needed be addressed before you can move on to any other aspect of programing, computer science, or related specialties.

Topic #0: Data Structures. I do believe algorithms ought to be thought from day one of programming. For the time being, the first few posts will be data structures to serve as a jumping board to the deep end of algorithms.

Topic #1: Algorithms. These will be where I dwell the most. Specifically how to use them to make your life a whole lot easier.

Topic #2: Languages. Although discouraged, I do believe that as a programmer you will need to gain the ability to learn new languages. Implementations related to the above topics will be posted for now, in 3 languages, python, c and java. I don't promise I will make examples in all the three, but I will do my best to share your exposure to code in all 3 languages.

We will start by looking at some simple data structures and than go back and fourth among all these topics. All of the posts might include links to other posts, categories or off site references. I will post a list of references as soon as I can and I will try to keep it most up to date.