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Top Reasons People Give Up When They Shouldn't

October 1, 2015

We all face challenges, not only in coding, but in life. There are many points I find myself almost giving up. I find myself loosing grip and almost saying “fuck it”, but i don’t. I came across this list and realized, sometimes seeing the reason why people give up can show me how I can overcome giving up. Knowing is half the battle, right?

Top Reasons People Give Up

  1. Expect Fast Results - Nothing in life come easy, today more than ever. Everyone today excepts fast turn arounds. I built a site, now where is my million visitors? Results requires hard work. Hang in long enough to see the results. Life isn’t a video game that can be finished in a day.
  2. Stop Believing in Themselves - I really think this was a top contender for number 1 on this list. I have worked with students and startups that stop believing, at the most critical point. It is easy to believe in the beginning, but as time goes through doubt comes to mind. A lot of people tell you that you are no good. That your idea is wrong. You are caving in and starting to believe them. Write things down, so when you stop believing you will have someone to make you believe.
  3. Get Stuck in the Past - Too many people are caught up in what happened in the past. What is done, is done. Life will move forward and you should too.
  4. Dwell on Mistakes - It might seem similar to number 3, but it is not. The path to success often requires failure (and experimentation). No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It is what makes us human. Hell, even my calculator is wrong sometimes.
  5. Fear The Future - The marines have a saying: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. The future will come, you need to brace yourself and move forward. Things will work out and soon enough the thing you fear the most will become a thing of the past.
  6. Resist Change - I can probably go on about this forever. This is one I do to myself. Resisting change. Not going with the times. It is hard, but the world today works fast. In order to accomplish your goals and reach success, you have to adapt. We had to adapt to live on this planet, the least you can do is use your smart phone.
  7. Feel the World Owes Them Something - Another common belief this generation has. The World doesn’t owe you a thing. Get over it.
  8. Never Visualize What is Possible - Anything is possible. If one man can build Facebook and enslave the World to it, you can do anything. Visualize what you want, all of what you want. There are no limits to your imagination.
  9. Overwork - Take a brake from things. Life can’t and shouldn’t be all work. You can actually give up because you are overworked. Take a vacation once in a while. Communicate with other people. Get inspired. Then come back to work and finish what you started. It doesn’t have to be a long brake. It could be just an hour. A day trip. Something that will make you miss your work and have you come running back to finish it off.
  10. Assume their Problems are Unique - Guess what? Everyone has problems. 99% of the time, someone else had the same problem as you. No money. Lack of tools. There are allays problem. Problems are meant to be solved. Seek help. There are many online tools and forums that can help you figure out a solution to your problems.

What do you think? Are there other reasons pope give up? Post it in the comments bellow.