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Computer Programming I

Computer User Interaction

September 11, 2012

The normal computer parts we think about when we say computer is slightly different than what the word computer means. The computer is normally reared to as the CPU, the actual proceeding chip. If you have a desktop, it will be the tower. In a laptop or mobile devices, the CPU is built in to the structure. The monitor, keyboard and mouse and prephreals connected to the CPU to allow the. User to interact with the CPU. All the devices that connect to the CPU are one of two catogires, input or output devices.

Output devices these include the monitor, printer, speakers and any other device that the computer can give you feedback. Of these devices, the monitor is referred to as Standard input. The reasoning behind the name is that in a minilmistic computer configuration you will most likely have a monitor. 3D printers are also in this category.

Input devices these include any device that allows the user to input data to the compute. For example, the keyboard and mouse are input device that capture information from the user and submit it to the CPU. This category includes any sensory information as well, such as an gyroscope. Standard input is referred to keyboard input from the user. From the same reasoning, Of the monitor, keyboard is normally part of a workstation configuration.

NOTE: there are devices that are not unique to one category or another. A touch screen functions as both input and output device.

When a programmer develops a program, it is good to keep in mind what input and output device will and should be used to solve a problem. Making the correct assumption to start with makes life a lot easier later on. This is something you would be wise to keep in mind. Some programmer are written to run on closed server without any user interaction while other programs are written to enhance the user computer experience.